Don Geronimo Coffee Beans - Spezialitätenkaffee aus Costa Rica

Don Geronimo Coffee Beans - Speciality Coffee from Costa Rica

Hey Coffee Lovers! From Our Farm to Your Mug: A Taste of Costa Rica in Every Bean 

Costa Rica, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Stunning views, incredible nature, and amazing coffee. That's exactly where we come in – Don Geronimo Coffee Beans! Our family's been working on creating these amazing beans for decades. Just recently we were ready to share our coffee with the world, and then we were out of stock. Well, good news! Our next shipment just arrived and will be ready within the next week. We’re excited to bring that pure Costa Rican taste straight to your cup once again. 


How it All Began: A Family Legacy Rooted in the Land 

Our story starts with Don Geronimo himself. Back in the 90s, he traded Germany for Costa Rica. Our coffee plants are located on a beautiful patch of land near Atenas. Fueled by a love for the land and a serious coffee passion, he laid the groundwork for what's becoming a family tradition.  


A Family Affair: From Seed to Cup in Our Own Hands 

We're a hands-on crew, taking pride in every step of the coffee-making journey. Take a look at our beautiful hand-painted facilities! We use sustainable practices like running on solar power and using our own water supply. 

Once the coffee beans are bursting with flavor, we pick them at the peak of sweetness. Careful selection process ensures only the finest beans make it through to the next stage – processing.  

Finally, the magic happens at our very own roastery. Using a special roasting technique, we designed just for our beans, our skilled roasters bring out their unique personality. This careful roasting process ensures a balanced and delicious cup, free of bitterness and brimming with the essence of Costa Rica. The patent for that technique is currently pending, we can’t wait to share more information with you soon! Our roastery is 100m² big and we have our very own tasting room.

The Taste of Costa Rica in Every Cup 

We specialize in Arabica beans, known for their smooth body, bright acidity, and a flavor explosion. Right now, we offer two different beans, which we call “Toucan” and “Ara”, representing the diversity of Costa Rica. Both beans are available in Blue and Red, our names for medium and dark roast. Each cup is a tribute to the unique climate and volcanic soil of our region, offering a taste of Costa Rica that's unlike any other. 

Beyond the Bean: Sipping Sustainably 

Sustainability isn't just a fancy word for us; it's how we roll. We're committed to protecting the environment that gives us and our precious coffee trees life. As mentioned earlier, we use electricity generated by solar panels and we have our very own water supply. We only take what we need and living in harmony with our farm is a priority. Really, it’s the only way we can create this special coffee. Our coffee is fair-trade and direct trade, because we control every step of the production! 


Ready to Experience the Difference? 

We invite you to join us on a coffee adventure! Every bag of Don Geronimo coffee represents more than just a delicious drink; it's a commitment to quality, tradition, and taking care of our planet. We're confident that with every sip, you'll taste the passion, dedication, and unique character of Costa Rica. 


Order your bag of Don Geronimo coffee today and experience the difference a family-owned, handcrafted approach can make! 

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Shipping is expected within 1 week! 


Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our story and explore our range of specialty Costa Rican coffees! 


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