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Don Geronimo Coffee Beans

Coffee Salt | Mango & Chili

Coffee Salt | Mango & Chili

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An Exotic & Spicy Visual and Culinary Experience

Coffee and salt from Costa Rica!

Our Don Geronimo coffee salt is made with our own process. This special and worldwide unique process , combines our Blue Toucan coffee beans with our sea salt to create a unique taste experience.

Coffee and salt are not simply mixed, but physically combined in a patented machine and process.

With this worldwide unique process, we have succeeded in incorporating the salt directly into the roasted coffee bean. In a further step, we can physically combine fruits like mango with our Costa Rican sea salt. Thus, creating an exotic sensation.

Our CoffeeSalt is ideal for seasoning meat,
Pasta dishes and salads.

Ingredients: Costa Rica Sea Salt , Mango, Chili, Blue Toucan Coffee

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