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Don Geronimo Coffee Beans

Red Toucan | Whole Bean & Ground Coffee | Dark Roast

Red Toucan | Whole Bean & Ground Coffee | Dark Roast

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Immerse Yourself in the Intense Flavor of Red Toucan Coffee - A Delight from Costa Rica

Indulge your senses in the rich and nuanced taste of our Red Toucan Coffee, a unique blend crafted from our own Don Geronimo coffee beans, carefully selected from the heart of the harvest. This bold roast, combined with various Arabica coffee beans, achieves a perfect balance between body and aroma, characteristic of the Atenas region in Costa Rica.

Key Features

Growing Altitude: Cultivated at an elevation of 1400m, our Red Toucan Coffee captures the unique characteristics of the Atenas region in Costa Rica.

Bold Roast: Through our in-house special roasting method in Costa Rica, Red Toucan Coffee boasts a bold roast, creating a harmonious interplay of body and aroma.

Flavor Profile:

  • Fruity, with Some Acidity: Experience the delightful fusion of fruity notes with subtle acidity.
  • Silky Smooth Mouthfeel with Plenty of Character: The coffee offers a silky smooth mouthfeel with distinct character.
  • Tropical and Lively Aftertaste: Revel in a lively, tropical aftertaste that reflects the essence of the Atenas region.

Arabica Quality: Red Toucan is a premium Arabica coffee, renowned for its exceptional quality and distinctive flavors.

Brewing Recommendations:

  • Pour-Over: 35g coffee, 500 ml water at 95°C, medium grind.
  • Coffee Machine: 80g coffee, 1300ml water at 95°C, medium grind.
  • Suitable for Automatic Machines: Adjust grind settings for a perfect coffee experience.

Experience the intense flavor diversity with each cup of Red Toucan Coffee. Order now and savor the powerful elegance of our unique Costa Rican blend!

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